The primary training method is the 37-posture sequence created by Professor Zheng Manqing. The names and outward appearance of these are similar to the sequences taught in any Tai Chi style. The differentiation is in the particular training methodology introduced by Benjamin Lo.

The training methodology is based on the Five Principles, applicable to every posture and every transition from the beginning to the end of the sequence:

The Five Training Principles

1. Relax your entire body completely  全身放松

2. Distinguish between full - empty / substantial - insubstantial  分清虚实

3. Turn from the waist  转动在腰

4. Body upright  立身中正

5. Fair lady's hand  美人手

(6. Do 1 - 5 above SIMULTANEOUSLY at all times  五项同时做到 )

The details of these are the main content of the teaching. Does it look fairly easy? Yes, it is easy to read  five short items here on this web page. But to incorporate them into your practice is extremely challenging. That is the work of our system. Correct practice cultivates internal power and clarity that will astonish and delight you. The ecstatic bliss of this energy is beyond the power of words to describe.

Ordering information for Ben Lo's Instructional Video

Ben Lo's video is not available through any standard distribution channels, but you can order it directly from:

Mr. Benjamin Lo
P.O. Box 210537
San Francisco, CA 94121-0537

Cost is $75 plus shipping, which is $6.05 for the videoape and $2.40 for the DVD in the U.S.