ZMQ37 is the 37-posture sequence of Tai Chi Chuan (太極拳) created by Professor Zheng Man Qing. Though it superficially resembles the Yang family Tai Chi that inspired it, in fact it is a fundamental re-visioning of the entire idea of deriving dynamic power from relaxation. It is far more than merely "yet another" alternate sequencing or posture count or arbitrary selection of the basic Yang Family Tai Chi moves.

The primary present-day exponent of the ZMQ37 is Benjamin Lo, who has developed a sophisticated and rigorous, even revolutionary, approach to actual practice. Rather than revolutionary, however, we should call Mr. Lo's approach radical as it constitutes a return to the foundational principles of the original art, as laid out in the Tai Chi Classic Writings. 

When a superior man hears of the Way,

he immediately begins to embody it.

When an average man hears of the Way,

he half believes it, half doubts it.

When a foolish man hears of the Way, he laughs out loud. If he doesn't laugh, it can't be called the Way.

- Dao De Jing: 41